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Project Description
mobSocial is an open source social network platform available for free.

General Features

  1. Search Box
    • Search People, Events, Businesses, and Products
  2. Profile Pages
    • Profile Picture
    • About Tab
      • About Me
      • Website
    • Pictures Tab
    • Videos with Like Capability
    • Featured Video on home page
    • Add and Invite Friends
    • SEO Friendly URLs and optimization
  3. Email Notifications
    • Friend Request Notification
    • Pending Friend Request Notifications
    • Event Invite Notifications
  4. Business Pages
    • Hours of Operation, Map, Address, Phone, Fax Number
    • Friends
    • Pictures/Videos
    • Up to Date Info provided by the Business Owner 
    • SEO Friendly URLs and optimization
    • Live Search
  5. Event Pages 
    • Address
    • Hotel Information
    • Attendance Information
    • Results
    • SEO Friendly URLs and optimization
  6. Mobile Device Support
    • Responsive User Interface
  7. Video Battles™
    • Anyone can host their own battle
    • Spectators are invited to vote by all participants
    • The video with the most votes at the end wins
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Phone App (under development)
  8. Picture Battles™ (coming very soon)
    • Same as video battles except using pictures
  9. Search Engine Optimization
    • Includes Profile, Business, and Event Pages in the SiteMap.xml
    • Meta tags
    • Friendly URLs
    • SEO friendly named images

Group Page Features

  1. Ability to create group pages (e.g. League, Team, Crew pages)
  2. Add Group Page Members

Bonus Features

  1. Product Review Requests - Provide customers with additional support for making purchases and increase the value of your store
  2. Birthday Discount Emails - Wish your customers a happy birthday and send them a coupon.


  1. Attract more visitors and traffic to your site or store
  2. Run promotions and contests only possible with a social network. For example, the person who gets the most friends in a time frame wins a product or receives a discount at your store.
  3. Increase user activity and interaction to your site or store with social network notifications (i.e. friend request notifications, event invite notifications)


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